Ten Questions

on Wednesday, January 9, 2008

from Yen and Juliana. Thank you girl!

1. I love to eat: pasta!

2. I hate to eat: food with unpleasant smell.

3. I love to go: to travel

4. I hate to go: out now with an overcoat and woolen sweaters makes me feel really fat and aren’t comfortable at all for me.

5. I love it when: my husband surprises me with flowers.

6. I hate it when: I touch (always needed for the cold season) a hair dryer because I am too lazy to use one and because the heat gives me a headache sometimes.

7. I love to see: my friends and family in the Philippines.

8. I hate to see: mayself having a zaftig drapes like overcoat, a scarf, gloves, thick woolen sweaters.

9. I love to hear: the gossip and news on celebrities back home.

10. I hate to hear: or knowing winter, because I need to put on layers of clothing before I left the house and taking them off again once I was inside a building.

now passing this tag to the following... Butchay, Nova, Rosemarie, Norms, Vina, Lorie, Mabelle, Pusa, Ging, Rickavieves and Diwata.


C&B said...

hello girl, i'll just get this one insted, im already done with the other one eh... TC:)

Norm said...

thanks sa tag nato mare! kunin ko na ngayon para hindi ko makalimutan, salamat sa votes daily kahit hindi ako number one at least maraming nagmamahal sa akin isa kana doon...

Norm said...

hello friend! sa isang site ko nilagay ha sa creativity...salamat

pusa said...

ooppp sorry pretty, i forgot this tag!!! will edit my post ok?