The most expensive dress I had

on Monday, March 31, 2008

I am just a goofy-hunky-dory, that I cannot stop thinking about wedding bells. It’s been almost one year and three months since my wedding, but I still like looking at the wedding dresses. I think it is one of those whoopee things most women like to do, and if I passes in a wedding shop... lol! I still cannot resist to look, or maybe because each time I saw my wedding dress. I felt a pang of guilt.

The most expensive dress I had ever wear in my whole life, remained in our closet vacuumly packed. I believed I was putting the gown at risk. I am planning to have a wedding gown preservation container or maybe I can find a preservation box in a department store as soon as possible, because I am interested in keeping my wedding dress forever and pack it better for sentimental reasons.



wow! I hope to have my own wedding dress too soon.... Have a wonderful married life!